A sound file that creates a clear atmosphere in your hotel space for a relaxed and harmonious vacation


This sound file creates a clear and harmonious atmosphere in your hotel space for you to enjoy a relaxed vacation.

Wherever you are during your trip, clear the energy of your hotel space with this sound file. Enjoy the fascinating sounds of the forest, twittering of the birds and rustling of the leaves in the background and let yourself fall into this beautiful atmosphere.

For more info please see the detailed description below.




Bloom Vacation is a sound file with the sound of a forest and an energetic clearing & activation working in the background.

Once we receive your order and payment, you get from us a confirmation of your payment with the attached mp3 sound file for download. 


The Bloom Vacation sound file comes with two main frequencies. One is a deeply purifying frequency and the other is the one of an open heart or the frequency of love. An energy you feel when you connect with nature.

The purifying vibration clears old stuck energies from the space you will stay during your vacation. This vibration creates the energy of a brand new space. It is comparable with sleeping in a new build room, instead of sleeping in a room where hundreds of people have slept before.

And the best is, it is does not only feel like a brand new space, but it also feels like being surrounded by the pure energy of nature.


  • a beautiful atmosphere of harmony and love in your hotel space during your vacation
  • a deep and relaxed sleep
  • a purified space within minutes


“Wow! It is really amazing! I slept very deep and the sleep was extremely relaxing. 

I felt so happy after waking up. So filled with joy and happiness. There was a fresh, light and sparkling energy in the room.

I feel very much alive and joyful, wanting to taste live to it’s fullest. Pure joy of life.

After listening to the sound file, I felt so much expansion and gentleness. It truly felt like being home. I felt like I was lying in a bed of moos, the sun shining trough the leaves on my body and the earth holding me. I felt open and embedded in a vessel of love.

Thank you so much for this creation Christian!”