Unveiling the Secrets of

A Magentic Aura


Discover A Hidden Key to Prosperous Health, Wellbeing, and Vitality


There are those people who seem to embody the frequency of love — an ethereal radiance that captivates the senses. You’ve felt it before: an inexplicable attraction, a magnetic pull towards someone exuding pure joy. In their presence, it’s as if you’ve found a home, embraced by a warmth that makes your heart open and soften.

What creates this enchantment? It’s the magical glow of their Aura.

The Magnetic Aura:

The human body, beyond its tangible form, emits subtle bio-electric energy signatures that collectively weave into a powerful electromagnetic field—the Aura. Richard Rudd, in “The Gene Keys,” sheds light on the profound role of DNA in this energetic dance. Before its involvement in protein synthesis, DNA’s primary function is electromagnetic reception and transmission. In essence, your DNA translates frequency into chemistry, shaping the vitality and quality of your aura.

In the following picture, you can observe the aura of a person after an energetic activation. Notice the brightness of the light field and how it is filled with light. The energy field is measured by a GDV device, which assesses the spectrum of light emitted from a human body in joules.


Picture 1: Aura Visualization – Energy Field after Activation Captured Through GDV Imaging


The DNA Blueprint:

The essence of crafting a luminous Aura is intricately connected to understanding the DNA blueprint and its interplay with the subtle bodies. This symphony of frequencies, when harmonized with the subtle bodies, has a profound impact on overall vitality. The question now extends beyond the tangible—what does it take to manifest a luminous Aura, one that has a positive impact on your vitality, health, and wellbeing?

To truly unlock the potential of a luminous Aura and harmonize the subtle bodies, we must embark on a journey that begins within.

1) Clear Energy Field: Reconnect and Anchor Within

Start your transformative journey by cultivating a clear energy field—a foundational key to reconnecting with oneself and being firmly anchored in your own energy. This step forms the basis for a luminous Aura and harmonized subtle bodies. A clear energy field allows you to perceive yourself on a much clearer level, laying the groundwork for the subsequent steps in this holistic approach. 

I highly recommend regular clearing of your energy fields to maintain this transformative balance. If you seek assistance in this process, I’ve created a sound file specifically designed for this purpose. It’s available on my shop and can be a valuable companion on your journey to sustaining a luminous Aura and harmonized subtle bodies.

2) Balanced Mind: Coherence through Meditation

Moving forward, venture into a balanced state of mind through practices such as meditation. Meditation creates coherence in your brainwaves, fostering deep relaxation throughout your entire system. This balanced state of mind is a crucial bridge, linking the clarity of your energy field to the intricate dance of your DNA, setting the stage for profound transformation.

3) Connect with Emotions: Owning Your Emotional Landscape

Delve into your state of emotions, asking the crucial question, “Who do I feel right now?” This introspective practice empowers you to own your emotions, reclaiming their influence and redirecting their power back to you. This pivotal step prepares the ground for the subsequent exploration and harmonization of the subtle bodies.

4) Work with Emotions: Feeling and Acceptance

Actively engage with your emotions through feeling and accepting them. This transformative process facilitates emotional alignment, paving the way for a deeper connection with your subtle bodies. Embracing and accepting emotions contribute to the harmonization of your Aura, guiding you toward a more luminous state of being.

5) Heart Opening: A Magnetic Field of Love

The culmination of this journey often leads to heart opening—a powerful and magnetic experience. The heart, with its enormous magnetic field, automatically expands your Aura through this opening. This process elevates your frequency to a level of consciousness above 500, synonymous with the frequency of love. The magnetic field created by the heart opening becomes a beacon of positivity, influencing not only your Aura but also the energies around you.

6) Deep Relaxation and Balanced Nervous System: The Culmination

As your heart opens, a cascade effect occurs, inducing deep relaxation and balancing your nervous system. Simultaneously, your Chakra System aligns, filled with life force. This alignment, born out of the heart’s magnetic field, leads to increased vitality, enhanced wellbeing, and optimized health.

In essence, this holistic approach transcends the conventional understanding of the Aura. It is an intricate dance involving a clear energy field, a balanced mind, emotional ownership, heart opening, and the subsequent deep relaxation that harmonizes your nervous and chakra systems. By embracing this transformative journey, you unlock the potential for a luminous Aura and vibrant wellbeing, resonating far beyond the confines of your physical form.


In essence, your luminous Aura and harmonized subtle bodies are a manifestation of the intricate interplay between your DNA, emotions, energy field, heart, nervous system, and chakras. Nurturing a luminous Aura becomes a transformative journey—one that unlocks the gateways to vitality, health, and wellbeing, extending its positive effects to the subtle bodies. As you embark on this exploration, remember: the radiant energy you cultivate within resonates far beyond the confines of your physical form, creating a positive ripple effect in your life and the lives of those around you.