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Christian Walker


For two decades he has been designing products, spaces, processes and organizations and has been supporting hundreds of people from all walks of life, to live their true potential and an abundant lifestyle.

The last decade he studied the art of chi flow from ancient and modern masters and experienced how the chi flow in spaces and in our body’s influences our wellbeing.

He immersed himself deeply into the topic of sacred geometry, created buildings and spaces with natural materials for people to bloom and studied the ways of living in the golden age and created a vision on how to design and create places for this new age to come.

He is Kriya Yogi, has a master degree in material science and business administration and a career as successful manager, CEO and entrepreneur.


With the creation of the first Neo Village he is designing and creating a living and creation space for people to experience their highest potential, express their talents and share them with the world.

Expert for Universal Design, wellbeing and emotional intelligence / Sacred Art & Design / Heart Awakening

Genius Zone
“I feel most in my power, when bringing visions down to earth. Working in a field of all possibilities, activates my highest potential, creativity and life force. It makes me feel the purest joy and brings pure magic out of me. That’s my sparkle and my divine essence.” Christian Walker

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