Planning, design and realization of

pure organic spaces for people to bloom

We design and create pure organic buildings, spaces and products for people to bloom. Together with a customized team of experts we support you in the planning, design and realization of your building project.

We connect with you and your vision on a very deep level, in order to find out, what you want to create and then we evaluate together with you the highest outcome for your project.

Do you have an exciting and visionary project?

Let’s create spaces for people to experience life on a whole new level. Spaces filled with vibrant life force, beauty and abundance.

Together we have the potential to shape and generate a new way of living and creating for future generations to come.

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Design Project

Pure Organic

We believe that Universal Design has the potential and all the tools to create stunning and inspiring landscapes, buildings, spaces and products. Build with pure organic materials and with passionate specialists and artists. With the highest respect to nature and all beings involved.


We are specialized in designing buildings, spaces and products with sacred geometry, crystal grids and natural materials. Our focus is to create spaces for ultimate wellbeing and for people to experience their true potential.

Universal Design Elements
Permaculture Design | Architectural Design | Connecting with elemental energies | Interior Design | Product Design | Sacred Geometry |  Art | Crystal Grids | Chi Flow Design | Local organic materials | Local Craftsmanship

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