A powerful tool to purify your energy field


Purity is a very powerful tool to purify your energy field in just a view minutes!

It supports you on a daily base to connect to your true nature.

After we receive your payment you will get a link to download the sound sound file with the energetic transmission.



Purity is a very powerful tool to purify your energy field. The vibration and energy transmission clears blocked energies and low vibrations from your energy field and creates a powerful, save and protected light field around your physical body.

I recommend listening to this file on a daily basis early in the morning or whenever you feel stuck, unclear and out of balance.

Purity is an easy to use and extremely powerful tool, to activate and balance your energy system, getting out of negative mental programing and to connect you to your inner strength, in just a view minutes.

Effects the vibration of purity can create

  • it clears your energy field from low vibrating energies
  • it creates a balanced and protective energy field around you
  • it creates a save and protective space for your personal transformation

It supports you to

  • feel more clear and balanced
  • feel connected to your own feelings
  • connect with your true nature
  • supports you in your healing and transformation process
  • harmonize your energy

What you get

You get a sound file with an energetic clearing working in the background. Every time you listen to it, it gets deeper in the clearing.

You can use it whenever you feel out of balance, triggered or if you feel the strong call to connect to your inner strength.

After payment you get the link to download the mp3 sound file.