A powerful energized bracelet made of hematite stones


Break Free from Fear and Doubt

Experience the unique power of Saurya, activated through a sacred ritual by Christian Walker. This remarkable bracelet is your key to breaking free from fear and doubt, allowing you to step boldly into self-discovery and growth.

Embrace Clarity and Confidence

Saurya empowers you with unwavering clarity and confidence. Christian Walker’s activation ritual infuses this bracelet with the energy needed to conquer your fears and doubts, unlocking your true potential.

The Transformation Begins

Let Saurya guide you on a journey of transformation. Say goodbye to limitations and hesitation; wear Saurya to embark on a life free from fear and doubt. Discover the unique energy of Saurya and embrace your true self today.

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This powerful energized bracelet crafted from hematite stones and activated through a sacred ritual by Christian Walker. Christian’s mission is to support you in your journey of self-development and self-realization by helping you break free from low-vibrating energy fields that hold you back from your true potential.


Fear and doubt often act as barriers, keeping us stuck in old patterns and preventing us from taking the next step towards growth. Saurya is your powerful ally, capable of effectively countering and neutralizing these hindering energies. By wearing this remarkable bracelet, you can embrace clarity, strength, and focus, empowering you to step beyond your limitations and make a conscious leap towards personal growth and self-discovery.


At the heart of Saurya’s power lies the hematite stone. This amazing healing gemstone relieves stress and anxiety, boosts self-confidence, creativity, and willpower. It promotes mental clarity and dynamism, making it ideal for study and work. As you wear Saurya, you’ll experience a surge of courage, determination, and vitality, propelling you forward on your journey to success. Notably, the stone within Saurya is revered for its blood-clearing effect—a testament to its holistic impact on well-being.


Saurya’s grounding energy keeps you centered and connected throughout your endeavors. Whether you’re navigating the challenges of daily life or pursuing ambitious goals, this bracelet serves as a constant source of strength and support.


We offer two variations of Saurya to suit your needs. The men’s bracelet, approximately 21 cm in length, is worn on the right wrist, while the women’s version, approximately 19 cm in length, finds its place on the left wrist. Each Saurya bracelet is energized for a cycle of one year, ensuring you have a potent tool for continuous support on your path to self-realization.


To maintain Saurya’s powerful energy, regular cleansing is recommended. This practice effectively removes any accumulated negative energies, restoring the bracelet’s natural vitality. You can place the bracelet under the light of the full moon or in direct sunlight for a few hours to clear away any lingering energies.

Remember, Saurya is already energized, eliminating the need to charge it with other crystals. Its potency is designed to last for one full cycle (1 year or 12 months). After this period, consider booking a recharging session to revitalize its energy, ensuring you continue to benefit from its profound impact.

We strongly advise against charging the bracelet with other crystals, as this may alter or interfere with its unique energy signature. Preserve Saurya’s authenticity and embrace its transformative qualities.

Embrace Saurya and unlock your true potential. Step into a life free from fear and doubt, and embark on a journey of empowered living. Make a conscious choice to grow, explore, and express yourself with the guidance of Saurya by your side.

Join countless individuals who have already experienced the transformative power of Saurya. Let us be a part of your journey as you soar to new heights of personal growth and self-discovery. Begin your empowered journey today!

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